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  • 12 March 2024
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I am travelling from München, Germany to Ghent, Belgium on the 12th of April (leave at 

10:30, arrive at 18:57) and I want to reserve seats on the website from Deutsche Bahn since we’ll be carrying a lot of luggage. I go to their website, and try to do that. It works to select seats for the parts within Germany, but when I press continue to select the seats, it suddenly says “Seat selection no longer possible”. I have no idea why. I tried again, and can always select the exact seats, but I’m left with that message in the end always. What to do?

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6 replies

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DB can't make the seat reservation for Thalys from Köln to Brussels. The Thalys have an expensive seat reservation and there are reservation free trains on the route.


You better leave at 10.48 and arrive at 18.15. You pay 4.90 for the reservation from München to Ghent.


Thank you for your answer. The issue is not that I need to pay, but the system will not let me reserve. This is based on your train at 10:48. I can first select seats:

But then I press “reserve selected seats” and it does this for both trains

I don’t know why.

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It is not possible to make reservations on trains in Belgium. You just find an empty seat.

Yes I know, I’m talking about the german trains. The trains from Munchen to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to brussels. Not the last section of the train. The train where is goes from selected seats to “seat selection no longer possible”

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It seems to work for me through the DB Navigator app. Maybe try it that way :)

Okay, I’ll install the app and give it a go, thanks!