Reversal of invoice issued stating E-Ticket not presentable

  • 25 January 2022
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Eurail Global Pass Ref: TLVCPY

I am a tourist from India who got this pass prior to my travel to Europe. I had used the Eurail Pass on a few occasions in the past years. Those days it was just physical paper and I had to just put in the date of my travel before I board any train, it was easy and simple to start with after validating the pass at a train station before my first travel.

With this digital pass I had downloaded the app and tried working on it. Sooner I realized to have done something and lost the 1st day of travel (19th of Oct 2021) even without traveling anywhere. I had to make my travel on 21st morning from Geneva to Rosenheim (Germany). So on 20th visited the train station at Cornavin, Geneva I showed by Eurail pass details entered in the app and also by travel details for next day. The person who attended me at the Information center said my Eurail Pass was all set and I can have an hassle free travel. Next day at Geneva Aeroport train station again I went and asked a person at the information center there, he said the same thing but never said I had to generate and download an E TIcket for the travel though I had keyed in the details of my train travel from start to end with date. So during my travel in the train from Geneva to Zurich, the ticket checker asked for my tickets, I showed him my Eurail Pass in the App with the details of travel entered.

There was no wifi available on SBB nor did my international roaming mobile card from India that I carried so I could not do anything with the Eurail App. I was neither informed by the people at the information center at both places that I had to generate an E Ticket which I later understood is like a child play, you just need to click on the button next to your travel itinerary and the E Ticket gets automatically generated.

The ticket checker could not communicate this well with me at least he could have used his or some other hot spot and could have generated the E Ticket. He just called another checker / supervisor had a long discussion then they took my passport and issued a slip to me. I thought they understood my difficulty that slip was like a free pass till Zurich. Then they said I had to get down in Zurich and have my E ticket generated using the wifi available at the station. So reaching Zurich I somehow got the E ticket generated for the rest of my travel and from there upon no issues on the rest 5 days of Eurail Pass travel.

Now after reaching India I have got an invoice from SBB CFF FFS demanding a payment of CHF 222. I need help to reverse this invoice and make me debt free for no intentional mistake of mine and due to the poor guidance by the information desk people who maybe had little knowledge of the Eurail Pass. I had also filed a request at but only limited space available to express my grievance. Please help me as to how this issue can be solved. Thanks 



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Sorry for the bad experience :/ Please open a case here. That´s the service form and brings you in contact with the Customer Service department :)

Here in this Community are few Eurail Staff members of the SocialMedia department :/

I recommend to delete private informations like the Personal ref. Code of your pass :)

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Hi @robert1646 ,

I am really sorry to hear about that, and the feedback you provide is very valuable for us. Please send your description to us via the form seewulf was so kind to link here. I will then make sure your feedback is taken into account by the relevant stakeholders.

If you are still travelling, please attach a screenshot from the My Trip section of the app of your first travel day that you accidentally activated without using, so that we can restore it. We will also do investigate the fine you’ve received from SBB: although I cannot predict any outcome at this stage, I can promise you we’ll do our best.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


ps: and thank you @seewulf for your help! ;)