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  • 11 February 2024
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I'd like to book TGV Lyria Paris to Geneva on May 24th, and Basel to Paris on June 2nd but tickets are not available yet. Does anyone know when sales will be open?


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8 replies

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You never know with SNCF. For now they’re on sale until 22nd May so check regularly.

Btw if you’ve got Interrail passes and would like to avoid the 29€ seat reservation fee (39€ in 1st class) you can cross the border on a regional train and then hop on the TGV : 10€ limited fare, then 20€ for domestic journeys. It takes max 30 min longer.

  • TGV Paris - Bellegarde + TER Bellegarde - Geneva
  • TER Basel - Mulhouse or Strasbourg + TGV Mulhouse/Strasbourg - Paris

The latter option via Strasbourg is even more convenient than direct TGVs as you arrive straight at Gare de l’Est, a 10 min walk from Gare du Nord for Eurostar.

Now if you’d like to get regular tickets instead, the Bellegarde trick isn’t worthwhile.

Thanks for your reply. Yes they have been on sale up to May 22nd for a while now, so I'm just waiting for the next block to be released. I was hoping that there would be a list of release dates somewhere but perhaps not.

Yes I had thought of Basel - Strasbourg - Paris Est but Strasbourg to Paris is not bookable either unfortunately.

Planned sale opening for summer is 07.03.2024.

TGV Lyria to Switzerland for May / June already from 26.02.2024.

Thank you Hektor!
Are these sales opening dates published somewhere?

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It’s from this page :

Somehow I thought that SNCF summer started later in June but apparently it’s already in May! They like to release tickets in batches.

That's interesting. The page you mentioned gives a sales opening date of Feb 26 so I will keep a look out!

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There are differences between international and domestic trains, that’s why. :)

Thibcabe, Hektor, thanks for your help.