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  • 24 October 2022
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I'm sure that the answer to this has already been answered but here goes ;

I reserved 2 first class seats on an Avanti West Coast train to London Euston. The seats allocated are not acceptable but the company say they cannot change them and suggest I contact rail staff on the day of travel who may be able to help.

My question is this; Is there any way of selecting your seat from a seating plan akin to that on aircraft travel?


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3 replies

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You cannot change allocation but 1st class is rarely full so you can check the reservation displays over the seats and take any other unreserved ones that you prefer.

Thanks for that.

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Although of no use to you it is worth noting that some companies do allow you to select seats. For example LNER online allocate seats for their trains, but then gives you the option to change against a seating plan.

GWR is also often quoted as a source for all UK reservations, but I haven’t tried them.