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  • 21 February 2023
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I’m 1st class EuRail Pass holder.I plan to Norway in May.Some routing on the APP planner  shown on “Seat reservation required”.H’ever I got message from shown as below:


Long distance trains

Reservation highly recommended.

"Komfort" class available for 1st class pass holders with no cost if reservation is made locally. 
2nd class pass holders pay €11.40 (95 NOK) for an upgrade to "Komfort" class.

  • 2nd class: €6 (50 NOK)
  • 1st class: free


I want to book seat reservation on APP planner(OSLO S-Myrdal , 08:25,20/5) but it will be charged as USD32.34.this charge is against above rule.


Could you guide me ?

Thank You



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That sounds like a bug: the price looks like a supplement for 2nd class pass holders.

@Camilo. I think this needs to be looked into. People will pay too much.

In any case, Norwegian reservations are best booked via Entur, either by phone (add +47 for Norway) or by chat. When you mention you have a 1st class pass, the reservation will be free of charge and it will be sent via email.

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Hi and @rvdborgt,

The price indicated in the Eurail reservation page is indeed for the 2nd class Pass holders. Please see the attachment below.

The detail information about the reservations for trains in Norway, including to book them via Entur call centre, can be found on It is also written on the page:

  • On domestic day routes, there's no reservation fee for 1st class Pass Holders. However, 1st class Pass Holders need to have a seat reservation in upgraded compartments (Komfort, Pluss, Premium - depending on the train company). You can book this for free, but you must book locally.

I hope the information can clarify this matter. If there's any other question, please reply this message.