Seat Reservation at UK / Netherland / Belgium

  • 10 April 2023
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Good day everyone!

May I know if seat reservaton is mandatory for the following trains:-

  1. A train between London to Oxford
  2. A train between London to Cambridge
  3. InterCity Direct high-speed train between Amsterdam Central and Rotterdam Blaak
  4. InterCity Direct high-speed train between Amsterdam Central and Brussel Central

Thanks for your help.


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3 and 4 not mandatory

1 and 2 think also not, but you can do it for free at train stations in UK

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Reservations on day trains are optional in the UK and as @Angelo says, they are free of charge. 

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3 and 4 no reservations possible, no supplement needed, whatever the app says.

Edit: IC Direct services are not high-speed. They use the high-speed line but at just 160 km/h.

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London - Oxford; reservations possible but not necessary.

Be aware that there has been a bridge collapse on the primary route from London Paddington which is closed until at least the end of May.

The alternative route from London Marylebone will be busy and does not take reservations.


London - Cambridge: no reservations possible.