Seat reservation availability information via Interrail before booking a pass?

  • 10 March 2023
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Hi all,
I only want to buy the Interrail pass, if there are available seat reservations for a specific connection.
But I can’t see the availability without having a pass no.
Is that really the case or have I just not found the right place yet?

I only see the prices for the connection but not the availability.
And I would need 5 seats. 😬

Thanks in advance


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5 replies

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If you let us know rote, date and departure time, then people can advise where you can see availability.

Oh that would be very nice. 😀

Sa. 27 Mai 2023


Paris Gare De Lyon


Barcelona Sants

5 seats (I’m not with this. We are 4 plus have a 2 year old child with us. Can we get a seat reservation for her without pass?)

I would also take 1st class tickets if no other available.

Thanks in advance!

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There is still availability. Since there's no limited pass holder quota anymore on this train, you can just check on whether you can still get prices for 5 people and that's the case.

The 2-year old can have a seat if you buy a reservation and add a free child to your Interrail pass when ordering.

Price of the reservation is €35 per seat or €37 per seat if you book via Interrail. Ways to book this train are listed here:


Thank you very much!!! 😀

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Also don't wait too long with booking trains in that weekend. It's Whitsun weekend so it could be quite busy.