Seat reservation Brussels - Praque - one segment shows ''you need reservation'' but can't purchase.

  • 17 July 2022
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I am trying to book from Brussels to Prague. All segments of this trip show as “ Ready to Board” however one segment shows “ You do not need a reservation but you can buy if you like” but then it also says that I cannot buy reservation seats since they are all sold out - What does this mean?

Can we just show up there and board the train despite not having seat reservation? 


Or we just cannot take this train? All segments of this trip on the website is showing in green as “ Ready to Board”


Pls guide.





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2 replies

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If you give the travel details  (departure date, time and route) you will get advice.

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Its motst likely-but again post all details: that some leg ion the middle-Nürnberg-Cheb, is indeed a local train with no seat that even CAN be RES. Or maybe the ALex from M do Prahy-via Fürth im Wald.

Du to current supercheap german ticket these trains will be full to overflowing. But there will be not any check