Seat reservation : cancel one ticket out of two, instead of both

  • 2 August 2023
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Hi all, I bought two tickets as seats reservation for my friend and I, at once. But my friend will finally not take the same train than me, so I wish to cancel one ticket but not both. Is it possible to do so, and if so, how ? Or do I have to cancel reservation of both tickets and book again a single one for me only ?

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4 replies

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Difficult to say without knowing the exact train. Which train you're talking about? 

Difficult to say without knowing the exact train. Which train you're talking about? 

Sure thing: it is a TGV (French high speed train, SNCF) from Paris to Bordeaux. I booked the seats through my account on Interrail website, based on both of our GlobalPass. I can get a refund for both tickets, but I cannot cancel only one on Interrail website apparently.

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Maybe it is possible via customer service:

Maybe it is possible via customer service:

Hi, thanks for the advice. I sent a request, here is the feedback if it helps anyone else:

“Thank you for reaching us back. I understand you would like us to process the partial refund of a seat reservation made for 2 persons. I will be glad to provide you more information regarding your request.
To give you more freedom on your purchases and reservations we have enabled our self-service refund tool to have the same capabilities as the one available in the backend to us. This means that if you are unable to process a partial refund from your end, this is not achievable from ours either. It is important to clarify this has to do with the refund policy set by the railway companies. You can learn more about this, here: Refunds and exchanges (Scroll down to the reservations refund policy)”


To me, it means I have to cancel all of concerned tickets and re-book the one I need.

I guess I will just book seats one by one next time instead of booking several seats within a single reservation.

Thanks for the help, regards,