seat reservation for mobile pass not available paris to bayeux

I added a journey to our mobile pass from Paris to Bayeau and return in September (14/16). The system says I need a seat reservation.  However, it will not allow be to make a seat reservation.

How do I make a seat reservation?  I would like to do it before I travel rather than waiting until Wearrive in Paris.

(I made seat reservations before but there seems to be a problem now.)




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Hi, can you let us know what the system tells you exactly for it not to be possible? Are you making a reservation for 1 or more travellers? 


I am making reservations for the two travelers included and marked on the order.  The “seat reservations required” message appears as does the solid green icon.  When I click  on the green icon northing hapoens.


Before the price appeared for the seat reservations and I was able to do it for the other journeys on the trip.  The train website shows tickets with seat reservations but I just want to add seats and pay  the additional amount.





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Hi, the icon just tells you if the reservation is mandatory. It is not a clickable icon. You should click on the arrow next to the booking option, and the booking price and button '’add to cart'’. If the connection cannot be booked with us, a message will appear with a link to the page telling how and when to book via the alternative booking methods. 



It says I can not make seat reservations through your self service system (on rail planner).  Find an alternate way to book.  

how do I do that?  

I could make reservations previously.

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It means that this particular train connection cannot be booked through our system, so it can be that you have been able to book other connections. For alternative ways of booking you can click on the link:



I’m facing the same issue for another journey (Hamburg → Copenhagen). There is no “How to book this connection” button… The reservation system says that the journey is “not available”, but it seems that it’s the same for all the journeys in Europe that allow seat reservation. I’d like to book for two people (we are both holders of a mobile interrail pass).

What can I do?

Thanks in advance


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Hi, if it says '’not available'’ when booking for more than 1 traveller it is an issue on our side. As a workaround, you will need to go to your account → trips & travellers and add the missing information of your travel companion. The Pass Cover number which you need to fill out as well, can be obtained via the green button '’request Pass Cover number'’ here. Once completed, you should be able to book seat reservations for the both of you without any problems. 

Thanks for your reply.

Though I hope my request will be answered fast enough, I’ve tried since Monday to contact the customer service via the same form, I’ve received no answer so far (but the request was not about the Pass Cover number).


Fingers crossed!

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You should receive a Pass Cover number quickly, as these requests are prioritized. If you have not received the number by tomorrow 12.00, you can contact me through a private message. Have a great evening! :relaxed:

Alright then, thank you!

I also requested a pass cover number.  How do you use a password cover number to get a seat reservation?  Thank you.


I’m still waiting for my Pass Cover number, but I managed to find how to use it.

Go to your account, then “My trips & travellers”, then “View my trip” if you purchased the pass on You’ll then find how to add / edit travellers. If you already added travellers, click on the pencil right after their names. You’ll get a form with all the details of the traveller. You can add the Pass Cover number in the last text field. Click on the “Save my details“ button, it should work.

Thank you.  Unfortunately I do not see the pencil on my edit traveler  master screen. I do see all the details of the traveler but I do not see a text field to add the pass cover number I requested.  I have a one country mobile pass so mine might be different.

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Click on '’add traveller'’
You see a list of fields you'll need to complete
If you scroll down you see that you have to fill out a Pass Cover number


These are screenshots showing how to add travellers and its missing information. 

@jtrest1 you don't need a Pass Cover number nor follow these steps, as for your reservations it does not say '’not available'’, is says '’find an alternative way of booking'’. This means that the train you try to book is not available through our system and you will need an alternative way of booking. You should be able to click to button to see the alternative ways of booking. 

Here, you can find the list of options for making seat reservations. For France, the only other way to make this reservation is locally at the train station.