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  • 18 May 2024
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Dear Friends,

We are a family of 3 adult persons looking to travel in early June 2024 from Milan to Venice and then from Venice to Florence & from Florence to Rome. We have a Eurail Global pass. 

when I googled for seat reservations. It was stated in the Eurail rail planner app that reset reservations are required. However, when I googled, I received a response that seat reservations are not required. 

So, I am a little confused about what needs to be done. 

Could someone please guide me if seat reservations are mandatory for these routes. 

Also I have gotten a monthly pass but I shall end my eurail train usage at Rome. Could you also guide me how to deactivate the pass & request for refund for the unused portion. How long will they take to refund? 

Thank you


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You need seat reservations on all high speed trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciablanca), costing €13. And on Intercity trains, costing €3.

Seat reservations aren’t possible on Regional trains.

The easiest way to book is via the ÖBB website. Add your pass(es) where it says 1x adult, and then search for ‘one way tickets and day tickets’ (not seat reservations!)

Try to book a single train, not two - especially for Milan-Venice - otherwise you pay twice.

If you’ve already used the pass, you can’t get a refund for the unused days. If you haven’t used / activated the pass yet, you can apply for a refund (costs 15% usually), or exchange for a different pass (costs €15)

Thank you for the information. 

I went to the OBB website and did as informed. Single journey and added eurail global pass for discount. 

I can see €39 for 3 tickets & it prompted me to add the passengers name. However I can only add 1 name and email & couldn’t add the other 2 passengers names. 

qn: do I just proceed to pay from here or do I book 3 x for 3 passengers. I was also unable to choose my seat. My worry is if I booked 3x, I might get seats at different coaches or different seats. We want to sit together as we have luggages. 


Alternatively, I’m thinking if I could go Milan central station a day before to book the seat reservation at the station. Will I have to pay higher if I do it a day before? 

Would the train be full and seats occupied that day, if I don’t do a seat reservation ? 

I’m thinking at Venice it may be possible to get a seat to Florence without a reservation even though it’s a FRE Train(Do correct me if I’m wrong) 



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One name is fine.

For the seats, the system will attempt to seat you together if you book 3 seats at the same time. The only time it wouldn’t do that is if the train is so busy that there aren’t 3 seats together.

Yes, you can do it at the station, even a few minutes before departure. Obviously, there’s more of a chance that trains will sell out closer to departure, but it’s not often a problem in Italy.

You can also book at, and pay an extra €2 to select your seats. 


There’s no way to avoid the reservation fee if you’re on FR/ FA/ FB trains. For Venice-Florence you can take a slightly slower and less frequent Intercity for €3. Or slower again on Regional trains, no fee.