Seat Reservation from Hamburg to Copenhagen. Conflicting information in app and web on whether reservation is required

  • 18 July 2022
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I am using a mobile app and have booked seat reservations for all the journeys that the app required them for a couple of months ago. The app has no way of allowing me to book a reservation from Hamburg to Copenhagen, but I wanted to book one for ease of mind, but it just says a seat reservation is not required. However, when I use the interrail website, it says that I must book a reservation but will not allow me to do so. I cannot seem to do it through DB or DSB either. Do you know how I might be able to book one? Many thanks


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There is a mandatory reservation on the direct trains between Denmark and Germany during the summer. These trains are sold out at least for the comming weeks. There are possibilities to travel and change trains in Flensburg and Fredericia. Check for reservations at DSB utland.

Given the current COVID-related rules regarding restricted seat reservations with BAHN, and given that the Hamburg-Padborg leg has mandatory reservation (which effectively makes it impossible to book 1/3 to ½ of the seats for that leg), would it be reasonable to assume a seat reservation for the rest of the route (Padborg to Copenhagen) to be sufficient to guarantee boarding the train in Hamburg?


PS: Can the reason why the seats cannot be booked be different? Are there a lot of people riding only the Hamburg -> Padborg leg? Since seat reservation is mandatory during summer (I also remember being asked by a DSB employee to get a reservation outside of the summer, while I was already on the train), are they checking tickets before boarding the train?