Seat reservation in Italy 1st class seats for 2nd class ticket

  • 11 July 2022
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I recently booked seat reservations for me and my friend for our trip to italy in august. The reservations i received are all located in the 1st class of the trains even though  we have 2nd class interrail passes. I suppose that we are not allowed to sit in the 1st class so i would like to get valid reservations for the 2nd class. I already wrote to the customer support but i didn´t receive an answer yet. Actually I don´t think that this is my fault so i really don´t want to pay for all the reservations again.

Does anyone have any suggestions what i can do? 

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3 replies

Hello Laura,


I also go to Italy and i’m in the exact same situation. Interrail made a mistake and sent me reservations in 1st class when I had asked for 2nd class. Moreover, the order summary proves that I ordered 2nd class tickets. I'm without news and I just sent an email again, so I hope this time will be there good because I don't want to get into trouble cause it’s not allowed to travel in 1st class with a 2nd class pass of course. It would be nice to be able to reach them directly by phone.


I totally agree with you. It is really annoying that there is nobody you can ask for help by phone. Just like you I have a order summary that says i booked for the 2nd class, so i did nothing wrong. It is really stressful that i have to take care of mistakes the booking system made. 

So lets just hope someone from the customer support can fix it for us!

I also found this topic.. our problem seems frequent :/