Seat reservation less than 3 hours in advance

  • 12 December 2021
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Do you know if it is possible to get a seat reservation for a train less than 3 hours away from departure? In this case I’m refering to italian trains. Maybe it is possible to do it physically at the train station?


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When you're in Italy, the best way to book is at the rail station anyway, because Interrail charges an extra 2 EUR per seat. Trains in Italy can be booked at the station until departure time, as long as the train has not been fully booked.

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That means also when the train makes a very long trip and you board on the way-f.e. the train goes Bari-along Adriatic coast to Milano and you board in Bologna, some 7 hours after its departure. Hence REServed seats are never marked. IC only cost 3-4 eur/seat, but Freccia---- is much more expensive-these are HiSpeed treni=alta velocita