Seat reservation not available. Pass not valid.

  • 2 April 2022
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Hi there,

I bought 2 One Country Passes for France for my girlfriend and I. In the Rail Planner app I could activate the pass for our journey from Lausanne (CH) to Bordeaux (FR) meaning it is valid for this route (1. screenshot). However, when I try to book our (mandatory!) seat reservations on the interrail website, it says that our passes are somehow not valid on the first train but only on the second (2. screenshot)

This is really frustraiting and I really hope that someone can help me out.




5 replies

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One Country Pass France is only valid in France!

Im not sure if Geneve is the border station.

@Angelo I think Lausanne is a border station too. At least there are no other stops before the border. Plus we both own a Swiss GA so the combination of the interrail and GA covers the entire area of CH+FR anyways.

And the app itslef also doesn’t see a problem as the trip is activated (it doesn’t do that for example with trips WITHIN Switzerland and says those are invalid). But the seat reservation contradicts the information of the app.

@Angelo Same happens for Geneve btw.


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Lausanne is certainly not a border station to France.

There is a pass fare for passes only valid in France though ("Pass 2”). If Interrail doesn't sell it, then you can get it from a Swiss ticket office (if there are still pass holder seats available).

@rvdborgt Thank you for your reply. I guess I will visit a ticket office on monday. But basically I only want to be able to book my seat reservations since the ticket itself seems to be working fine. I do get my QR ticket for this journey in the app. It’s just the seats.