Seat reservation not necessary; Utrecht to Wien. Can't book, can I still take the train?

  • 10 July 2022
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Hi everyone! I am trying to take a train at the 18th of July 2022 from Utrecht Centraal to WIEN HBF (Austria). One of the options is to take a train from Utrecht Centraal at 8:34, arriving at FRANKFURT(M) FLUGHAFEN FERNBF (Germany) at 11:49 and taking the train here at 12:01 to Wien Hbf.  

Interrail says that this is a popular train, but that a reservation for a seat is not necessary. I have tried to book a seat for 2 people at different timeslots and on different websites (, interrail etc.) for a while. First, it looks like I am able to reserve a seat, but when trying to purchase the reservation it always tells me that I have to find an alternative connection.

Now my question is, can I still take the above train without a reservation, and for example, stand in the train. Since it no longer seems possible to reserve a seat. 



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I have no problem making a reservation for 2 persons on the 18th of July from Utrecht 8.34 to Wien at . You must select "Seat only" to only get the seat reservation.



I can get to the same screen, but when going further, filling in your name and so on, the message '’we are unable to offer you any reservations on the service you have chosen'’ appears. It shows that all seats are fully booked. The question for me that remains is, can I still get on the train and maybe stand in stead of having a seat? Since reservation is no longer possible, and a reservation is not mandatory for this route. 


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Yes-you can always board-but risk the chance to be told to leave when its really overfull-on the Hi-speed section-after Köln. Fairly often then rewards are offered - 20 or 30€

BUT: as I just saw these trains in Utr-many are cancelled at short notice or do NOT run onward to FRA-stop at DUS or Kóln-due to severe shortage of stock that is able to use 2 networks. This may also be the case here. It may even also apply to leg 2-try booking them separate (though this will cost you doublel rpice).

OR;train 1 is the only 1/day on to Swiss-and hence much asked for in summer- try using the ICE 2 hrs before-and I hope you do not mind early rise too much

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Have you created an account with and logged into that?