Seat reservation Oslo - Göteborg - Kopenhagen

  • 18 June 2024
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So my girlfriend and I are this summer traveling to the north of Europe. Therefore we have to get on the trains from Oslo to Göteborg (with train from vy) and Göteborg to Kopenhagen (with train from öresundstrag). 

Now my question is, if anybody has experience with a seat reservation for those trains and generally up there? 
I have already tried to book seats on every homepage, also on but it is not possible. I also called them, but they said that is should be possible. 

Is there any solution for this problem? Our fear is, that the trains are full and that we do not get the next trains then. Are the trains in summer full up there or can we be relaxed because we will get seats anyways? 

Thank you very much in advance for your answers and help! 




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It's not possible to make seat reservations on those trains. Just be a bit early, like 10-15 minutes before the departure, and you will most likely get seats.

Thank you very much!:)