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  • 20 October 2023
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At the end of december I want to travel from Roma Termini to Palermo. Leaving the 27th from Roma at 23:00 (11pm). At the Italiarail website it's possible to by a couchette ticket but without Interrailpass. The Interrail website doesn't show this train. 

How can I buy a ticket using Interrail? Do I need to wait untill the Interrailwebsite show this train (with tjhe risk the couchettes are sold out) or can I buy the ticket for full price and get a refund later via Interrail?

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2 replies

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It can sometimes be cheaper to buy an inflexible advance ticket on the Italian sleeper trains - when off you already have a railpass - than paying the Interrail supplement, so do watch out for that.

Seat61, which is an excellent website, suggests you can book the passholder reservation for sleepers on the Italiarail website, which may be more reliable than the Interrail website, so the option must be there somewhere.

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Yes, using that special Italiarail link from the seat61 page, it does show the correct €39 passholder fare for your date.

although it forces a connection in Messina, rather than putting you on the direct train - probably because it's slightly quicker.