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  • 31 March 2024
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Hi, I am from Germany and I am planning my trip end of May/beginning of June in Spain and Portugal.

I wanted to buy the seat reservations for two trains in Portugal, also because they are cheaper than I thought with just 5 Euro.

But in the Railplanner App, it tells me as the only option I have to buy it is in person in a train station.

I went to a DB-Service Center here in Germany and they told me they officially cannot book seat reservations for Interrail in Portugal anymore and they told me I need to buy them in the App, but as I said that isn’t possible.

I looked up that for my route from Porto to Lisbon, I can take 3 trains without a reservation at all.

But between Lisbon and Faro I cannot choose a connection without seat reservations, it’s the only possibility according to the app.

I‘m a little anxious now because I already booked the hostels, next thing I wanted to try is to book the seats via a Portuguese Website but I was hoping someone here with similar experience could help me out.


thanks in advance 



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With Interrail you must indeed get them at the station. Availability is never an issue and there are multiple trains between Porto, Lisbon and Faro.

Simply go when you arrive in the country.

At least DB can still book Spanish trains and it's really convenient!