Seat reservation : question for some of my stops

  • 13 October 2022
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Hello everyone,

Me and my girlfriend will start our interrail on Monday. 
We are excited about it after made a lot of preparation. We have our stops and we booked already some trains but I have some questions because I did’t find a clear answer in the posts here in the forum.


For Krakow → Budapest : we plan to take a night train. I found this website mentionned in a post: 

Do you recommend it to book a couchette? 


For Ljubljana → Split, I have to make a change in Zagreb, so take a second train from Zagreb to Split.

In Slovenia,  I did find any information to book the first train. For the second, I saw that there is no possibility to book trains in Croatia. It has to be done in the country. Can you confirm?


For the rest, I found myself or it didn’t require a reservation.


Thanks in advance for your help.




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1.en ne goejenavond van Berlin-I just left Krakow this morning. Krk is erg mooi, enorm opgekalefaterd en ook nu nog vol met tourists.

If you want sat or couchette for overnite is up to you, and in any case it seems it can only be done (and has to) RES whilst IN PL at a counter (it will work out OK, but expect long and very slow moving Qs for that).  POLrail is a private agencie in PL that will also (sometimes) do RES only-but at an extra fee and I think also with paper tickets to be sent by mail. Though I have also seen some report they will not do RES-only anymore.

2.Lju-Zag is without RES. Zag->Spl must be done and can only be done whilst in Hrvatska=Croatia, for 1€ (HR will swap to € from 1/1 coming). In hi-summer these very few and very short trains are often full-out of summer not (locals use the bus, far more often and much quicker too).

Thanks mcadv,


I will ask for when I arrive in Krakow at the station.

And thanks for your confirmation about the bookings in Croatia, I will go to the office in when I arrive in Zagreb.