Seat reservation required but I can't book it. It states book at major train station in Portugal.

after i have added a trip to ‘my trips’ how do i book the train ticket and get a seat reservation. for info iam travelling from Lisbon to Faro 10/6/22 at 10:02, seat reservations required but website isnt showing my trip in order for me to book a seat reservation. also stating book at major train stations in portugal in app!! im confused , need help… is there a contact no for Interrail as we go soon as really needs to know how to use the app and website before we leave !!! 


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The help is IN the page on all REServations. Cannot do online-do whlist in PT -a day or 2 advacne is always enough, on the day also mostly possible. Your fears about all trains full monthes ahead is complete nonsense. Cost is 5€

BTW-most likely after you go via ESpana-there its even more of a game to visit counters and hope+pray-certainly for the trains that about any newbee seems to want to take

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The train ticket is your mobile pass where you add a journey and create a QR code which is the ticket you show at inspection. It is recommended that you create your ticket just before boarding the train, especially if you have a flexi pass. 

The seat reservation is separated from you ticket. As @mcadv says, reservations for Portugal have to be done in Portugal.

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Here is info on how the mobile pass works.


Please be aware of that the Interrail/Eurail planner only is updated once a month so the best thing is to use the timetable of any of the larger national railway companies, like Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) to do the planning.


Here is good advice on how to make reservations with different train companies.