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  • 27 July 2021
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Hello all, 


Well, with some friends we book a trip from paris to Berlin to Prague to Budapest. 

We have to book seat reservation from Paris to Karlshuhe HBF. But when we look at the price on the rail planner it’s only 13€. And then when we want to book our seat it’s 35€. We don’t understand the difference between this 2 prices. 


Then, we have seen we must call the SNCF client service to book our seat without extra fee or extra price. Is it right ? Or can we just get on the train without reservation and take a seat in the train. 

We are a little bit lost

Thanks for your help 




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You can call SNCF client service :) other options ar ea SNCF Ticket office or the Interrail reservation service. I guess you are two persons means 2* 13= 26€+ 9€ Paperreservation = 35€ via Interrail service :)

as the train to Karlsruhe is reservation compulsory you need a reservation and risk otherwise a fine if you travel without a valid reservation on this train.

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Indeed, just go to the SNCF ticket office or call SNCF. The price should be 13 EUR per seat.