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  • 11 April 2022
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Hello guys, 


I recently booked the Global Pass to travel from Berlin to Barcelona  but I have problems with reservations. On to the website it didn´t appear any train connection, which is not true because the Rail Planner shows many connections. After many attempts on the webseite it suddenly appears: 


“You need to buy a seat reservation to board this train, but it seems this seat reservations isn't available on our website. Check 'More information' for other ways to book this seat reservation, or buy a separate ticket to board this train.

PRICES TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. There is no result from the bookingsystem. Check back in a few hours to see prices and book this seat reservation.” 

“More information” doesn´t help either. Does it mean that the train is overbooked? 

Can someone help me? 

Thanks in advance :)


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For which train do you see this? (origin, destination, date, departure time)

The most common cause though for this message is no more passholder seats available. Unfortunately, that explanation is still missing.

 I really don´t understand what´s going wrong


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Not sur what caused the error message. I haven't seen it before.

The Brussels - Valence TGV very probably has no pass holder seats left. The TGVs from Brussels fill up quite fast and this is the Easter weekend, so they fill up even faster.

For Valence - Barcelona, time is too short to order online, since this reservation is only available on paper and must therefore be sent via the post (also with extra costs). However, Deutsche Bahn can book TGVs to/from Barcelona, but only at the ticket office or via phone.

There still is one place  but I cannot reserve it! This is sncf website


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There still is one place  but I cannot reserve it! This is sncf website

Pass holder seats in the international TGVs are limited and are sold out before the train is full. If there's only 1 seat left, then you can be sure it's not available for a pass holder price. Thanks to SNCF.

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Again-we have explained this a few dozen times now:

You should have stayed on that TGV further as Valence. From Avignon along the FR coast are ev 1 or 2 hrs TER=local trains-go to Port Bou (maybe change Narbonne). This is the old border point where FR rails end and the wider ESpana rails start-you change into local RENFE Catalunya Express tren to BCN-runs also ev 1 - 2 hrs. It will take a lot longer, so check times- but this is all ´Nahverkehr ´ for DE- so without even RES possible.

Times for the ES trains ONLY on>cercamias->catalunya etc.