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  • 3 April 2024
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HI All,


We recently joined and are looking at buying a 10 day pass. We plan to travel to three countries in May over 10 days. 

How do we book a train from London to Paris using our Euro global pass? I jumped on the eurostar but its charging me the normal fare? There isnt anything on their website that offers a discount for global pass holders. 

We then want to book regional trains from Paris to Bordeaux and San Sebastian.. How do we go about doing that? using our global pass. 


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2 replies

You may book your reservations here: (desktop version only; choose " add rail pass").

You can't buy a reservation for railpass holder on Eurostar's own webpage.

For regional trains you don't need a reservation. But I don't think you'd like to go from Paris to Bordeaux by regional trains? For the long distance trains you may buy a reservation with the link provided, too.

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Rail Europe indeed works well in France.

Here's a general guide :