Seat Reservations from Oslo to Copenhagen. What is the best place to book a reservation for this train?

  • 18 July 2022
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I am looking to reserve some seats on a train from Oslo to Copenhagen (via Gotenborg). The App says I need to reserve the seat but I cannot do it through the app or the website, (I seem to have this problem reserving any seats through the app/website and have booked them all through the train companies themselves). Does anyone know the best place to go to book a reservation for this train? Many thanks


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Yes, at any of the very few remaining counters in Norway or call EN-tur, or-as there is bus replacement first part out of Os-no need at all apparently-counter will also know.

Got-Cph has a few (if at all-not sure) direct X2000 trains-with RES and nearly hourly Oresundt trains-with only optional RES-via Halmstad-Hälsingborg-Malmö. Nice comfy trains, not overly fast