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  • 12 March 2024
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I am trying to plan a Europe trip for my honeymoon in late October, beginning of November of 2025. Me and my fiancé are thinking of flying into Paris, staying for three days (one day trip to Versailles), then taking a train to Brussels, staying there three days (one day trip to Antwerp) then lastly taking a train to Cologne and staying for 3-4 days there then flying back home out of Cologne. I know I will need the global pass, but I am confused on how it will work. So, do the day trips count as a day of travel used on the pass? If so, since they will be round trips, does the trip to the destination and the trip back count as two trips total? I just want to know how many days of travel I need to purchase for the global pass. I don't want to purchase too much/too little. 

Also, I am also wondering if I will be able to book seat reservations through the Eurail app for the cross-country train travel in the countries I listed above after I purchase my global pass. Will the seat reservations show on my mobile pass, or should I get paper tuckets purchased? Any help would be appreciated! This is our first Europe trip and I just want things to go as smooth as possible traveling between countries.  


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The pass doen't count journeys or trains, it counts travel days.

On a travel day, you can use as many trains as you want.

The app can't book any reservations. They're completely separate and won't be visible in the rail planner app. You can book them anywhere you like (and they don't need to be in paper format), but here's an overview where best to book:

You should also check whether a pass (+ reservations) is the best solution for you. The RER to Versailles is not included, Trains in Belgium aren't very expensive and the train to Cologne Airport is just a short ride.