Seat reservations in France, not through the interrail system

  • 29 November 2021
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Hello everyone!

I’m a bit stuck with the reservations. I have my global mobile pass, and I’m supposed to get back to Hungary from Besancon, France on the 5th of December, but it seems that Interrail is out of seats for the trains that I’m trying to book. Are there any other ways that I could book reservations for my trains? I’m having a hard time reaching the English speaking operators of SNCF, and I’m afraid I’m running out of time. Can you help me please?


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2 replies

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SNCF stoped selling Interrailreservations via phone :/

Bestway is to visit a ticket office or you use the Service of B-Europe for domestic trains within France :)

another option is to avoid the expensive TGV and use regionaltrains till the swissborder :)


Here a reservation free Route to Budapest (i still recommend to reserve the RJX :) )


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YOu can simply avoid it all to use local (TER in France) train to Basel and then go either via Switzerland or via Germany without need to use REServation. Use a travelplanner from or and take shorter segments.
even though 5/12 is SUN it should be possible to reach home in Hodmezövasärhely same day with early start.