Seat Reservations in Portugal

  • 15 March 2023
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Hello everyone,

Sorry first time poster here. :)

My partner and I are travelling through Portugal early April. i read that seat reservations can only be bought from vending machines and ticket offices inside Portugal and I just want some reassurance that they won't sell out around that time of year?

Basically, we've had to rejig our entire trip because Eurostar seat reservations had sold out. (Hence the paranoia!) So instead we're flying to Faro instead and travelling up. 

The plan is to arrive 31 March. Take the train to Lisbon on the 1st, to Porto on the 2nd, and then to Vigo on the 3rd. 




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My understanding is that reservations in Portugal aren’t quota-controlled, like Eurostar and many others. They’re available until the train physically fills up, which is unlikely - especially at that time of year.

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 aren’t quota-controlled, like Eurostar and many others.


Please don’t make statements like this. The number of trains with separate quotas for passholders is TINY.

It is basically Thalys, Eurostar (and Eurostar isn’t a quota) and some cross-border TGV (and with the collapse of the SBCF-RENFE co-operation this seems no longer to have a passholder quota).

Thanks both. So the week after we'll be in Spain and it will be proper Easter time then… I know it's hard to say, but any chance that trains might be completely full then?