Seat reservations in Spain

  • 8 January 2023
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Hello, I’ve noticed that seat reservations in Spain can’t be done online but I have another question about that… when I saw that I could do the reservation  in a spanish train station it appeared that it only works in some days… Could anyone explain that to me?


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3 replies

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The known ways to book domestic Spanish trains are listed here:


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I am confused what you mean. As far as I am aware you can book any time the ticket office is open. 

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HOla. Wat you likely mean-or are confused about; IF you choose the FONE method you have a specific time to get to any estacion and quote nr and pay for it-if you do not do that in time, that seat will be released again. PLUS that there is since recently also a kind of cut-off time before departure for last min. RES.

Be warned that in hi-summer, when obviously most of you are on the rails, RES is often very difficult or it will be said trenes are completo. Partly this has to do that most passholders have such a narrow mind to only want a few specific trenes, partly with that its hi-season then anyway for anyone.