Seat reservations not required, but prices are unavailable. Can I get on or is it full? Croatia night train

  • 2 June 2022
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So we were looking to get a night train from Zagreb to Split, it says :

“You're ready to board. You can buy a seat reservation if you like but it's not required.”

But then underneath it it says: 

“Prices unavailable. No price results were found for this connection. It is possible that all pass holder seats are sold out. Please try searching for another connection or check 'More information' and try other ways to book this seat reservation. If no pass holder seats are available anymore you need to buy a separate full fare ticket to board.”


Does this mean we could turn up on the day and get on without a reservation or does it mean it is fully sold out? 

Any help would be appreciated



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 This train only runs (and I think now not daily anymore) in hi-summer. It starts Osijek, passes Zagreb after 0.00

The INland train by HZ can only be REServed when there-at a counter-around 1 - 2 € in HRK. As there are so few trains and populair in summer, they must be REServed. If full: buses run ev 30 mins or so daytime and also a few overnight.

ON some days there are also overnight trains coming from much further (Slovakia, CZ) and these will not take passes or charge very high supplmt.

Thanks for replying! 

We are hoping to catch this train on the 6th of July