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  • 21 March 2023
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Hi everyone,


I have an interail global pass and am wanting to book a couple of seat reservations on longer journeys. 


One journey is the 8.28am Wien HBF to Munich on 28 July and the other is Buchloe 9.36am to Zurich Hb on 1st August.

It looks like it’s 9euros to use DB for reservations or 12euros to use OBB - am I doing it correct? 

(it’s for 2 adults and 2 kids)


I’ve booked the DB one already (seat reservation only) from Buchloe to Zurich. I didn’t need to enter anywhere that I have an interrail pass - is this right? Juat thought I’d check before I make the reservation for the Wien to Munich train using DB.


Thanks in advance!


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You don’t need to enter your Interrail pass anywhere, the reservation is completely separate. Just show it the pass on the train.

As for prices - it’s a bit of a mystery. You get slightly different prices between DB and ÖBB, and I’ve seen sometimes connecting trains charged as one fee, sometimes two. Maybe DB is cheaper for the child reservations? 

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Thank you.

Yes, looking at it I think DB are favourable towards families. I shall go ahead and make the other seat reservation!

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For optional reservations, such as these ones, the issuing party can often determine their pricing model themselves. Some examples:

  • DB charge €4.50 per person and journey (€5.90 in 1st class). This includes all trains in the journey. The price for a family travelling together is €9 including all children (2nd class only).
  • ÖBB charge €3 per person and journey in Austria and €3 per person and train elsewhere.
  • NS charge €4 per person and journey for journeys to/via Germany.
  • CD charge CZK 73 (slightly over €3) per person and train for international trains. The interesting thing is that you can cancel up to 15 minutes before departure and get a full refund.
  • NMBS/SNCB charge €6 per person and train.
  • Interrail/Eurail charge €8 per person and train (some trains a bit less I believe).

So it can make a big difference where you book these reservations, especially if you have multiple trains in your journey.

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I like using the DB Navigator app linked up to my PayPal. Makes booking the reservations like these nice and easy.