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  • 27 April 2024
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hi :)

we are travelling from interlaken to brussels on 22 july (leaving 08:30). we want to take the 11:13 from basel to köln as part of this – currently we don’t seem to be able to book seat reservations anywhere for this but I saw another post saying not to worry about this and just check later… 

my question is just whether seat reservations are compulsory for this section, and if not, are they recommended (family of 5)? we already have reservations for köln to bruxelles midi (17:41 if i remember right), and I assume within switzerland it’s fine not to reserve seats?

also the interrail journey planner is being weird with this – it says to take the 11:06 to basel bad (ICE 74 to berlin) then change to the 11:22 to köln (ICE 2258 to hamburg)… other places say the ICE 2258 goes from basel sbb so i’m assuming that’s fine

thank you, and sorry if this has already been discussed before!!

ru x

p.s. i know it’s faster to go via paris but we wanted to avoid there


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Rail Planner is incorrectly showing the ICE2258 as starting in Basel Bad Bf. It should be corrected in the next weeks.

Definitely book a seat for Basel - Cologne. Not required but worth the peace of mind during peak season. Should be 9.80€ for the whole family through DB.

If it doesn't work check back in a few weeks. The rolling stock or the itinerary might not be definite yet.

Indeed not necessary (or possible) for Interlaken - Basel.

Totally understandable that you wish to avoid Paris with the Olympics and the expensive seat reservations. Simply expect delays as it's Germany but you've got sufficient margin in Cologne.