Seat reservations on Website of the Traincompany now what

  • 15 January 2023
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I just book seat reservation in Website of the Traincompany, choose time and day, payed and got PDF tickets.

What i have to do now in the app?

I have to put manually on my trip?

Do the reservations appear in the app?

Daniela Silva


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Hi, you need to add the trip to the app to get your Ticket wich is the pass. But no need to rush. I would add it only when you are sure that you will travel.

Now you have only the reservation.

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Your mobile pass has 4 key sections, three of which work together to create a valid travel ticket on the day (see below). In addition for trains with a mandatory reservation you need the PDF or a printout of the reservation, which is totally separate from the app.

So back to the app:

Firstly you need to add your pass details and create a trip (one trip covers the whole duration of your pass, even if you do more than one excursion in that time). This trip becomes your diary of the trains you plan to travel on, and like any diary it can be added to and changed at any time.

As you choose trains you add them to your Trip, either automatically from the Planner in the App or manually from any other planner. At this stage there is no need to activate anything but these lists are not yet a ticket to travel, just a plan.

As you make reservations you should add the train details to your Trip, but as yet you have not crated your travel ticket, but that is a semi- automatic process before boarding.

Then before boarding, usually on your first travel day, you activate your pass and transfer your first train from your Trip by operating the virtual slider. This automatically creates your first travel day and shows a QR for the day and lists your first train below it. This is now your travel ticket and combines with your separate reservation PDF or printout to validate your journey. Then as you board subsequent trains you add to your trip if not already there and operate the slider. The extra train then appears below the QR code and again this is your ticket to travel.

If the train does not require a mandatory reservation that is all you need to do to travel - Inspectors check QR code and listing of their specific train (and of course that you are sitting in the correct class).

A new QR code is generated at the beginning of all travel days by adding the first train of the day.