Seat reservations Oslo - Bergen; ''not receiving them in time''

  • 18 June 2022
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Hello! I need to book reservations (and they’re paper reservations so they need to ship them to me) for the Oslo-Bergen train (roundtrip) for the 2th August and the 4th August 2022, but at the checkout the web site says i’m not going to recieve them in time, even if i change address selecting hotel’s addresses around Europe. How is it possible? There’s a workaround?


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4 replies

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Reservations for Norway are best made through Entur, see link. You need to add the country code for Norway to the phone number.


Okay, thank you.

I purchased the reservation tickets with Entur, via telephone with an operator that helped me through the whole process.

Just one more thing: I am a little bit worried because the operator asked me all my card numbers, including the CVV, to complete the online purchase with him; is it safe? Is it normal? Or now my card is compromised?

thank you for the reply 

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That is normal for an online purchase with a credit card.

Yes, i know how the process for an online purchase works :-)

But now the operator can potentially use my card because he has all the necessary numbers!