Seat reservations to and in Poland - should I book in advance?

  • 25 June 2022
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I’ll be starting my journey on the 14th of July with this itinerary (the one from 05:18 → 20:49). I’m unsure about the mandatory seat reservations on the 12:38 EC 59 from Berlin to Poznan and on the 15:45 TLK73100 from Poznan to Krakow.

Should seat reservations for these be booked in advance? I’ve read that the best way to do it is locally at the station, but our stopovers are pretty short, so I doubt we’ll have time. I’ve read on that the tickets can be bought on the train for TLK, but there’s no mention of EC. Can anyone with experience in the area tell me if I should expect trains to be full, i.e. if I should book in advance? A friend of mine who’s just been in Poland with Interrail told me that she didn’t have time to book a seat reservation for her trips with mandatory seat reservations, but that it wasn’t a problem because no one asked to see a seat reservation.

Lastly: while I’m able to book a seat reservation for the TLK to Krakow on, I can’t seem to find a way to book a reservation for the EC to Poznan. I’ve tried Interrail’s own website,,, and, but no luck. Am I missing something?


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Yes, nominally ALL such trains by PKP are with ´mandatory´ Reserv and this certainly-with special fare apply to the INTERN trains to Berlin. For these-only at DB=Germany counter-maybe DSB (only 3 main towns) can also do it-if you live close by, ask. In pratctice on TLK (=ther lowest class of ´fast´trains) many people board without any REserv and maybe stand. THis also due to many UKR refugees travelling around to back home or safe haven.

IN PL its free at PKP counter-a few days advacne is most often enough plus plenty of trains/day-though not as frequent as DSB/danish would expect. Plus that for shorter trips you could use the  local trains-UN reserved of PolRegio (not possible on all routes)

The site tells it should be possible to REServe only for In PL-cost then just 1 goldbar (= Zloty=22 cts), I tried this due to other post but it turns then to only polski and does not show the option for passes-I dk if removed or use other means. If youre smart with online-try it.

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For the train Copenhagen - Hamburg, you can book the mandatory reservation online via DSB.

Hamburg - Berlin is optional. DSB can probably also do it (30 DKK), otherwise DB (4.5€) or ÖBB (3€).

Berlin - Poznan is mandatory. Ask DSB or else call DB and collect your reservation from a DB ticket machine in Hamburg or Berlin. Or have it sent to you by post for €5.90. Maybe they already have it available in electronic format - they appear to be changing.

Poznan - Krakow is not mandatory but still advised. Should be possible via PKP using these steps.