Seat reservations unavailable to pass holders

  • 18 July 2022
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So, when is this scam called seat reservations going to stop? I paid for an international ticket, and formally there were no seat reservations available, yet there were seats free inside. This is criminal and couldn’t let that happen so I sat down in the Thalys to France anyways. Train driver comes, I explain him, and I pay 30 euro’s on board like I would when reserving a seat. Sometimes people don’t even need a seat so legally you don’t need a seat reservation then. Can we please fix this scamming practice happening preventing many people from traveling as they want?

3 replies

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The train companies can decide, if seat reservation are needed or not. On Thalys, Eurostar or International TGVs only a quota of seats are available for pass holder. This means you could still get seats on a normal fare. 

SNCF is here the one to blame. 

I know, SNCF is greedy AF. I hope we can do something about it as they are monopolist from Amsterdam-Paris. Like finding a legal loophole. Who needs a seat reservation when standing? 

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These trains do not allow standees-incl even more this €* where isolationist Brits have to depend on for on the rails-due to ever prevailing safety and police orders on the hi-speed lines.

ON the continent here-incl P->Ams (which does not want any cheap tourists anyway anymore) easily reduced a lot to using other connections. It is the ignorance and not even look 1 step further as the app from newbees that start to enrage when their own wishes do not come out-that causes this.