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  • 5 June 2022
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Hey everyone just bought my Eurail Global Pass earlier this month which i need a seat reservation to get on the train. Btw i planed to go around italy with train and as you may know we need to book a seat reservation for some of the italian railway service. I know that i can book from ÖBB website but still i can’t buy it from there I’ve tried enough. Finally i can book my seat reservation from eurail web pages. I filled already the my personal data and my billing address. I just need to choose the payment method and pay it but weirdly i can’t here some picture to clarify thank you very much 



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@Fathi Muzakki  you know Interrail will add a service fee of 2€ per booking?

To reserve italian daytrains on is pretty easy select for each traveler the discount “Interrail/Eurail Globalpass”
and please dont use the “Seat Only options” i know it´s strange but the Seat only option doesn´t work for Italian daytrains to get reservations for Italian Trains you have to click on single/day tickets :)

Please follow this manual

Finally up to your picture it´s greyed out because maybe one Information is missing or one of the trains you wanna reserve is not possible to reserve.