seating plan for ICE 9573 10:55 Paris Est to Karlsruhe.

  • 12 November 2022
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Can anybody tell me which seating plan to look at for the ICE 9573 Paris Est to Karlsruhe at 10:55 on 24th Nov. Seats allocated through Interrail were not suitable as they were seating us one behind the other. I took Brendan's advice and telephoned SNCF. The lady was very helpful and changed the seats. However, I think I'm still in the same position. The seats are in first class in carriage 28 seats 71&72. I think the original seats were same carriage 41&42. As far as I can see they are in a single row or in a compartment for 6 by a corridor. Any help would be appreciated.


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4 replies

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Here you can find seating plans for many European trains:


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This enthusiast site has excellent details of train configurations, interiors and seating plans.

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Deutsche Bahn has seating plans themselves. I co sult it sometimes to avoid reserving window seats that are not really window seats. If I'm not mistaken, this should be your train type for that journey. Indeed two seats behind each other (links to a pdf).

-Although on another train type, those seats face each other with a table. 

If your train is not fully booked, you'll probably be able to sit somewhere else without any problem. Or if someone doesn't show up, seats become free in 15 minutes after departure, with Deutsche bahn. If you ask kindly, a lot of people might want to switch seats with you. A very common question on trains with mandatory reservations.

Once again Brendan, many thanks. I guess I'll just wait and see what transpires at boarding. Only done a couple of first class rail journey's and on both occasions there were loads of empty seats.