seats did not assign together

I have booked seats on EC175 from Berlin to Prague in July. We are a family of 4. It appears the seats automatically assigned 4 window seats Pl 81 82 85 86,   Any ideas how to change this the contact form on the DB website errors out when I try to complete it


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How do you know that it is 4 window seats ? You are certainly seated together either in a bay of 4 or in a 6-people compartment

The email confirmation states 4 Fenster

And that it is in the Grossraumwagen so main compartment

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Try to contact where you made them then.

On (train operator) there is a seating map so you can choose seats. But first contact DB or wherever you booked

In the worst case swap with other people on the train, it shouldn't be a problem

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Did you specify windows seats specifically for all? Because that would explain this result.