Seville to Lisbon (Spain to Portugal)

  • 2 December 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm heading to Lisbon from Seville on the 10th December and I've noticed that all direct trains have been suspended.  The rail planner app does show several options with two or three changes (I presume these are local trains). Can the rail planner be trusted or are all rail services to portugal suspended?


Also, I have an EU Digital covid vaccination certificate - I presume that should be enough (as with my travels in the rest of Europe) or does portugal have stricter requirements? I know that a covid test is required if you travel by air. Not sure if the same is required for train travel.  


Thanks so much in advance for your advice... travel during the covid world is doable but things change every day! 




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The planner app could be right but not necessarily because it doesn't get enough updates. Please check timetables on the RENFE and CP websites.

For information about entry requirements, please use as a starting point.

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Frankly: there has never ever been a good connection between these 2 cities. Use a BUs or whatever other means. This means that the route is too complicated to show up in some travelplanners. Or, if youre so much inclined to use trains on rails: use the route via Algarve, ferry across river Tejo, partly also bus-I think more details on the site But this will take more as 1 travelday too.

All current covid regulations-these may differ if youre from EU or not-can be found on a common site of EU- europe reopened or so-google will help you.

Thank you for your advice… Yes the trains are terrible to Lisbon - almost 10 to 11 hours! 


Buses seem the faster options, which is strange for Europe. Can the Eurail pass be used on buses - I presume the answer is no. 


Thank you again.

 Use a BUs or whatever other means.


Thanks - the bus seems faster with 6 hour travel time compared to 11 hours by train. Do you know of any good coach companies in Spain or are they all pretty reliable?


Thanks again