Short Transfer times and transfer by foot. What is the difference?

  • 8 June 2022
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Hello, me and my friends are currently booking trains for our route and were worried about short transfer times - we were wondering what the difference is between a ‘short transfer’ and a ‘transfer by foot’ and are these usually safe to do or quite risky?

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"Short transfer” is whenever the rail planner app thinks it is short. I don't know what criteria it uses though.

“Transfer by foot” is usually a short transfer between 2 stations or 2 parts of a station.

Whether a transfer is risky depends on the country, the actual length of the transfer, the station etc. and cannot be answered without seeing the exact timetable.

Also note you should not use the rail planner app to plan. It is offline and has far too few updates to be reliable enough for that purpose. Use national planners or apps and for international planning, use the DB planner or DB Navigator app.

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The MAJor bottleneck is not the short time as such, but the lateness of many trains in some countires which makes it all completely wishful thinking.

Try to avoid ´walking´-which is usually possible by changing at other places.