Since seat reservation is not required, I won't reserve. What is your advice?

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Hello everyone,


On Friday 26 August I will travel with DB BAHN to Germany and Switzerland for the first time with 2 people, leaving Brussels at 6.25 am.
Brussels South - Cologne, departure 6.25 am
Cologne - Basel SBB, departure 8.54 am


We have a 1st class interrail global pass.


When I look on the DB BAHN website to see how many seats are still available in 1st class, I find that quite a few places have already been reserved.
Since seat reservation is not required, I would like to take the risk of not reserving seats.

I would like to know your advice on this?

If a seat is reserved, for example from Karlsruhe to Basel SBB, is this already displayed from Cologne?

Isn't it true that we can also sit in 2nd class if there are no more free places in 1st class?

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On the display you see the next reserved trip. These means you see it from the boarding. 

DB sells the reservation included in 1st class for their tickets, this means almost all people will habe in 1st class the reservation. This is then easier to you for planing wich places are free. 

You can book via DB for 1st class the reservation for 5,30€, this is the price for the hole trip. This means you pay the same if you only book Brussel-Collogne or the hole trip to Switzerland. In 2nd class is it 4€.


Yes you can use your 1st class ticket in 2nd class.

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Indeed, for 1st In DE  on ICE/IC it is best to shell out-after all if you can pay much more for 1st you have the money enough for REServ-you can be chased away from seat-and certainly on these populair long-dist trains in holiday season at any stop.