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Been trying for hours on several devices to pay for the reservations in my cart. When I get the “add travelers” button, that brings me back to the home page where ALL information needs to be done AGAIN. I need to checkout. Any ideas from anyone?


Best answer by Al_G 6 July 2022, 22:08

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The site you post here I tried as well…no luck there. Only full price tickets. Would not accept my pass.

@Al_G posted the correct link to book Eurostar and Thalys pass holder fares. So you were probably on another page.


From what I’m gathering reading posts here, I may need a “pass cover number”.  That’s why the pages posted here that may be correct do not work. I’ll learn it…slowly. Tjen eurail will change it 🥴🥴🥴


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Rvbgorgt-I used the link posted in this thread. As long as it was correct, that is not the issue. After reading about the “pass cover number”, I believe that was the issue. Of course, unless reading on here, the “average joe” would have no possible way of knowing this. Learning….


Thanks to all who posted links for these things in this thread. Hoping in the future, things do not get any more complicated