SJ Night Trains from Malmo to Stockholm

Hi, We are trying to book a private sleeping cabin on the night train from Malmo to Stockholm (14/8 22:32-05:37) with a 2nd class pass.

However, the message below is shown on booking page.

“Prices unavailable

No price results were found. Pass holder reservations may be sold out for this connection, but there are other ways to check for available seats—more info below our timetable.”


When I tried to search this train on SJ website, it says:

“Track work is planned

Right now, track work is planned on the route Malmö C–Sthlm Central when you want to travel. We release tickets when the planning is complete and we know how the trains will be able to run.

Come back at a later time or choose another journey.”


Is it possible to know when will the train work finished planning so I could possibly reserve a seat?

In everyone experience, should I wait for the planning or should I search for another train/transportation?


Thank you for your replies in advance!


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Use SJ website. Interrail isn't very reliable and add extra fees.

Unfortunately Swedish tickets are released very late due to bad planning, they try to offer them the 15th day of the previous month. So 15th July at the latest for your trip

I wouldn't worry and just wait a bit. There are multiple trains between the 2 cities in case and they won't sell out weeks in advance

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There is no special price with Interrail/Eurail on a 2nd class private sleeper compartment on Swedish domestic trains, so you will have to pay the full price if you want a private compartment.

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@AnnaB just a question because I'm curious. If they're 3 and book beds in sleeping compartment (1125 SEK total), are they guaranteed to be together ? Or do they really need to pay 2982 SEK for a full ticket ?

I assume that for 2 people it'd be different as a third one could potentially stay with you if you choose the first option + there might be a gender separation

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@thibcabe If you book 3 persons of the same gender in a sleeper you will be put togeter if there are 3 beds left in the same compartment. You can check the numbering of the beds before payment to see if the beds are in the same compartment.