sleeper train reservation for a group of 7 people

  • 6 November 2023
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Im looking to make a seat reservation on a sleeper train for me and 6 friends. We all have the global pass. I think that because we are seven people im not able to make the reservation directly from the website. Is there any solution to do this directly from eurail or do i have to go to another website. If so which one? 



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What route and date do you want to travel?

Im traveling from amsterdam to prague. The sleeper train is from amsterdam to berlin. We leave amsterdam january 8th.

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as there are max 6 beds per compartment you may split your group in 2 bookings. As you have to split anyway :) like 3+4 or 6+1

The Nighttrain you mention is the “EuropeanSleeper” 

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Go to and make 2 bookings. You can select Eurail during the process. Since you're 7 you'd either need :

- a 4-people couchette compartment (236€) and a 3-people sleeper one (237€) = 67.50€ per person

- 2 4-people couchette compartments but there could be an extra guest in one of them (236€ + 177€) = 59€ per person

- sleepers for smaller groups (more expensive)

This night train isn't the least expensive but it does the job. :)

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Badge +4 this is the operator, you can book at their website adding interrail pass.

You will have to split 7 into 2 bookings, if you want private accommodation then possibly a 3 berth sleeper and a 4 berth couchette.

Can i divide the group in two within the eurail website? I have a trip created with all the rest of the passengers attached to it.

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Book the train on European Sleeper's website directly. It is always a good idea to book through the operator whenever possible. That way you're better informed in case of disruptions, etc.

Actually it would be cheaper to book this train without passes : 199€ for a private couchette compartment (whether you're 4 or 6). This means that you could get 2 compartments for 398€ and then pay 57€ per person while saving a pass day !