SNCF reservation from Paris to Barcelona only available as paper ticket

  • 1 August 2022
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Hi I'm trying to book 2 seats on the 3:12 train from Paris to Barcelona on Aug 12. It's currently available but shows as paper tickets only and that it might not arrive on time at a Paris address I've input. What's the typical number of days for paper arrive. What do I do if I don't get the tickets in time?


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Use OTHer means-and do not expect that for PASSholders there are still available seats-as these have quota. You CALL SNCF -en/-as listed in the overview by seewulf on howtodo RES on yourown-cheaper too. IF lucky, then its mailed. Mailing it to US (ever though of giving full details?)- will take weeks.

As you say Bcn-expect even more troubles if plan to trouble onward in GB.

Also: it seems each&every newbee wants to use the direct trains TGV P->Bcn, it is a very long ride, not overly attractive, and it is would be very wise indeed to look into the other ALT options