Spain emailed reservations?

  • 19 October 2022
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I need to make Spanish reservations by phone tomorrow (= less than 72 hrs before I arrive in Spain), using the number given on this site.

Can anyone tell me, do they have to email you the reservation number(s), or do they just read them out to you over the phone? My Spanish is OK, but I can see I might have problems either writing down “ERRE… CHOTA… THERO...” etc, or else spelling out my email address in the same way!

Thanks for any info - it doesn’t seem to be explained on the Spain reservations instructions page.



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2 replies

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IIRC they also have an English option.

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I would suggest you install a call recorder app on your phone so you can replay any conversations.

This is a very useful thing to have for any number of reasons, particularly to refer back to promises made on phonecalls by customer service reps from companies that they subsequently deny.