Sparcheine Komfort obligatory?

  • 3 March 2024
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Dear travelers, 


After a good experience last year me and my family will be travelling by train (interrail) again this year. We plan to travel from Utrecht to Wien by Nightjet 40421 on the 7th of juli. I want to book a couchette for 4 persons in the Nightjet, but somehow I also have to pay 39,60 euro for Sparscheine Komfort. If I remember correctly I didn't have to pay that last year, just the reservation for the couchette and the extra amount for 4 persons. Does anyone here know why that is? Because of the Euro 2024?


Thanks in advance for information!


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3 replies

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I don’t know the specifics (maybe @Hektor or someone else could help) but it has always been like this I believe : 39.60€ is the price for 4 seats and then “couchette supplements” are added.

In any case the price is the same (199.60€) whether you try to book on or while the latter doesn’t mention the 39.60€ fare.

Do not wait to book as I expect this popular train to sell out fairly quickly. Enjoy the trip! :)

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I'm not sure why they represent it that way. On, it's just one price. They started to do that at some point last year, IIRC it is usually the seat reservation price.

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Thanks, all clear again. We will start puzzling our trip together this week.