St Gotthard Blockage impact

  • 17 August 2023
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The recent derailment in the St Gotthard tunnel is likely to impact the EuroCity service between Zurich and Milan. I’ve got a reservation on the Zurich → Milan EC for the evening of 1st Sept. TrenItalia is being unclear, suggesting that normal service may be restored by then. Public media suggests otherwise.

My problem is a connection to the ongoing sleeper from Milan → Bari.

Does anyone have better information on the service impact?





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6 replies

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The base tunnel will probably still be closed but the journey is easily possible via the old panorama line : every 30 min-1h there are trains on that line.

The schedule is online on app for the next few days and it will soon be for 1st September (expect the same one).

The easiest solution would be to get a refund for your reservation and take any IC/EC train to Lugano and then the hourly RE to Milan.

Thanks Thibcabe, looks as if I could make it arriving 30 mins later in Milan. All a bit tight. I’m starting with the 08:00 Eurostar from London so I can’t do earlier trains. If it blows up I’ll just have to spend the night in Milan 😁

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It seems doable to me so I hope everything goes well. Fingers crossed. :) You've got a bit of margin everywhere and there are 2 night trains to Bari in case : 21:15 and 21:50.

Enjoy the scenic journey over the old line of course !

Unfortunately the alternative route via Lötschberg and Simplon is under works until mid-September.

I reckon I can make the 21:50 which I have a couchette booked on. But it's only going to take a 30min delay to miss it. I imagine the swiss lines are pretty reliable!


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From Chiasso there is on the train the italian train staff. In case of delays ask them for help and maybe they can ask to wait for you the train. 

This cost less to Trenitalia than paying a Hotel room for you and a new reservation for the next day train.

Thanks Angelo - hoping for the best!