Stara Zagora- Istanbul

  • 23 August 2022
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Can I buy normal tickets  Stara Zagora-Istanbul (Halkali) at the international ticket office in Burgas??

It is possible to buy  own couchette compartment (only for 2 persons) ?

Do you know how many carriages are on the train Bucarest to Istanbul?



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Burgas has an international ticket office that should be able to book this:

There is exactly 1 though coach (with couchettes) from Bucharest to Halkali. It runs until 3 October (from Halkali until 1 October):

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A normal couchette comprtmt has 6 beds-but perhaps this TCDD/Turkish car onle 4. IF you want it all for yourself, you also have to pay for the places that remain empty-otherwise other travellers can booked in. And even that is no 100% garantee-the railway is allowed to sell the empty space to others if there is an overflow of passengers-you will in the end get reimbursed for that-with luck +patience

There will still be much faster, cheaper and a bit less comfy direct buses between the 2-probably fewer though as the many pre-covid.